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www.fijimusic.co.nz is a online shopping site for all your Fiji music. www.fijimusic.co.nz is in conjection with Procera Music Fiji and we only do original cds/dvds. All the albums are from artists who are of Fijian or Fiji Indian nationality.

Most of the artista are still based in Fiji and some have moved abroad and some have past away. We have wide range available from Fijian music such as Gospal,Reggae etc and Indian muusic such as Bhajans,Kirtans etc.

Inconjuction with Procera Music Fiji we have promoted our local Fiji artist worldwide. We at www.fijimusic.co.nz and Procera Music highly request not to buy PIRATE COPIES and buy only ORIGINALS and support the local music industry.